Survival UO is a quality Ultima Online free-shard utilizing talented developers, resources, and player input. Our professional staff, great player community, balanced economy, and years of experience ensures the best experience around for any types of player, from the warrior, to the tamer, to the crafter and beyond!

Our professional developers have crafted a unique level system with experience gained from combat, as well as crafting to ensure a good balance no matter what type of Ultima Online player you may be.

There are Many Custom NPC Quests, professions and numerous other completely custom systems that have been developed for your playing experience.

Survial UO, as the name implies is not easy in the least. It is most likely the most difficult Ultima Online server you have ever played.

You start the game fresh from the neather, with only a dagger, 1000 pieces of gold, 30 Strength, 10 Dexterity and 1 Intelligence. Intelligence cannot be increased until you have reached level 10 and can invest in your first profession. Will you be a Mage and enable the increase of Intelligence? or a Warrior and gain an additional 3 hit points? What about a Rogue and gain some extra Stamina? You can also choose to become an Artisan where you can carry 20 more stones of weight. It is all up to you!

As you level up through the completion of quests, killing of animals, or crafting items, you will be able to assign stat points into the various areas like Strength, Dexterity or even Hit Points to totally customize your character!

As you progress further into the game and start to collect weapons and armor, you will notice that there are a lot of customizations to these as well. Metal armor’s require a lot more strength to be able to wield, as they are heavy and bulky in comparison to their leather counterparts. The resistances have also been customized putting more of an emphasis on physical resist at the start of the game. As you progress and start to wield shields you will also notice that these, not only help you with physical resistances, but they enable you to increase your maximum physical resistance.

Will you battle your way to the top? Craft armor and weapons? Perhaps just live a quiet fishing lifeā€¦Just remember, nothing will come easy.

To get some great beginner information check out our Wiki Page as there is a whole bunch of wonderful information there.

Still not getting all the information you are looking for? Jump onto our Discord Channel and ask your questions/leave your feedback. Be patient, as it will sometimes take a bit of time to get a reply if no one is at their keyboards.

The World of Survival UO is waiting for you!