Online Status Fixed

After an issue with our systems not communicating, we have finally fixed the Online/Offline Status scroll on the web page.
We were never offline and never will be!
Remember, if you have any questions come into Discord and ask!
Thank you all for your patience.

New User Email Verification Working

That is right folks, with much pushing, grunting and struggling, we have fixed the new user email setup. So you can now safely make an account, and add to our WIKI page!
Sorry for it taking so long, lack of time is my excuse!
Enjoy everyone, and start adding your snippets to the WIKI. I will process them as quickly as I can!!!


Website Update 1.3

– Changed around the Menu’s Look to make it a little easier to read.
– Added the last 3 news posts to the bottom of the main page
– Removed the Users Currently Online on the sidebar, as players do not care who is logged into the website.

Website Update 1.2

New Sidebar added to enable better flow of information for the users.
Wiki Posting and self post editing has been enabled.
New Front Page’s Basic Write up is complete and will go live soon.
Working on the ability to Register through the front page and this should be ready to go shortly, but in the mean time please use the Forums to sign up.