The Souls of Survival (SOS) Guild Charter
Type: Standard A Charter has not yet been created.
Leader: Gunther J Seth
Members: 15
Enemies: 0
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Members Recently at war with
Gunther Jarlath [Crafter]
The Noble Lord Ra's al Ghul [Treasure Hunter]
, Grandmaster Paladin [Guild Master]
The Notable clint eastwood [Crafter]
The Illustrious icon [Guardian of SoS]
The Glorious Claw [Guardian of SoS]
Bilbo [Tamer]
, Journeyman Duelist [Guardian of SoS]
Humbaba [Crafter]
Inlil [Treasure Hunter]
The Fair Locke
, Grandmaster Naturalist [Master Tamer]
The Fair WorWizard [Mage of SoS]
The Admirable Occam [Guardian of SoS]
The Honorable Spraggon [Bard]
Last Updated : April 9, 2020, 1:13 pm